Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Damn, It's Hot!

Damn, it’s hot! And no I’m not talkin’ about the weather, though y’all know it’s gnat-stuck-to-your-lemonade-glass gross out there.
No, honeys, I’m talking about the next book I’m writing and that picture I caught of the Hemsworth brothers. Ah. So damn cute! I think I need to do something special with those blue eyes.
Right now, the man I’m dealing with is a dark-eyed hunk and boy is he distracted. The A/C in his workplace might need to be set down a couple of notches, because the way he keeps sweating up a storm–it’s a wonder how no one else notices. Though, maybe they do, but they haven’t said anything yet. Though, really, what are they supposed to say when they see you panting after your sexy boss?
I’m getting my sexy on after a bit of  break and I’m really adoring it. Anyone else reading/writing a sexy book they just can’t get enough of? And has anyone made good and steamy use of the picnic blanket yet? The Fourth of July will be here soon, and y’all know that comes with fireworks. ;)
 But no one said you couldn’t start celebrating the holiday early.